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It really has been quiet on this blog

Extract a .bin disk image file under GNU/Linux

How to convert and extract a .bin file from the GNU/Linux terminal

Install and configure a Samba network share on Debian

The steps to install and configure a network share on Debian and make this accessible from Windows

Angular 2 - Simplifying Module Imports

NgModule was a late addition to Angular 2 first appearing in RC5. One of it’s main purposes is to support lazy loading but it also helps reduce the code required for exporting and importing of components, directives and pipes. This post isn’t an intro to ...

The state of Angular 2 Tooling

The Angular 2 framework has now been released so it’s a great time to jump in and learn the ropes. However, whilst we can relax our attention on the changing API’s in the framework for a short time, we’re still faced with the endlessly changing world of fro...

Obtaining Typescript Definition Files

typings or the types npm organisation?

Azure Code Samples

We’re certainly not short of demo solutions and todo apps but I was pleased to receive an email today with details on the now comprehensive list of Azure code samples available for download here.

What is __proto__ in JavaScript?

If nothing else it has an amusing name, it’s pronounced “dunder proto” due to the double underscore notation it borrows from python.

Solving a failed npm install on the Raspberry Pi

TL;DR If you are struggling with npm install failing on a package you are convinced is no longer a dependency of your current package.json structure. Try clearing out your node_modules folder or take a look at the npm prune command.

Making data available to all express views

In this post I’m going to show you how to make data available to all of your views in an express 4 website. I’ll be using jade in my sample code but this solution is not specific to any view engine.

Digging into remote branches in git

This post assumes a basic understanding of git and the principles of commits, branches and remote repositories. I wrote up this post after playing around with remotes beyond just configuring remote tracking branches for some unrelated work.

Cannot access LocalDb from Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition

Today I was trying to spin up a quick Web API for an angular project I’m working on in a fresh install of Visual Studio 2015 using Entity Framework Code First.  Unfortunately after creating a simple model, when I tried to update-database to make sure all th...

Fixing Angular injector unpr Unknown provider

Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: SomeServiceProvider <- SomeService <- MainController

Configuring ssh keys

In this post I’ll explain how to setup ssh keys on a Mac so you no longer have to enter a password when connecting to a remote machine using ssh.

Fixing a broken npm update

If you install node and npm using homebrew and later attempt to update npm using the following command you may find yourself “losing” your npm installation at the terminal.

EACCES error on npm install with mean-cli

When generating a new mean application using the mean-cli generator available from http://mean.io you may get the following error:

Fixing Jekyll "unresolved specs" error

My Jekyll installation recently stopped working with following error when I tried to run