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Published: October 25, 2007

I recently went through the pain of transfering my iTunes library from one PC to another, never again! The music industry needs to sort it’s act out and quickly when it comes to DRM and Apple just needs to sort out all of their software!

After finally figuring out how to “obtain” my own content from my own iPod and import into the new library I noticed that none of my playlists were in order on the iPod. After much googling it seems that you need to set the Copy To Play Order on the playlist in iTunes and ensure shuffle is turned off on the iPod. Apple?…usability?…give me a break!

Next I noticed that all my podcast videos were appearing correctly (and now ordered) in my playlists but nothing was appearing below the Video Podcasts section. After much head scratching I found out that poscasts are not syncronised by default although everything else is! You have to enable this in iTunes; back to the usability again!

I now have an iPod that syncs to my new library and a new level of hatred for all software that Apple spits out onto the unsuspecting public.