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Published: September 06, 2011

In conversation with my peers I often find myself citing references to information picked up from my common list of community sources (blogs, websites, podcasts, video training etc).  All too often I’m asked “What’s dot net rocks?” or “Who’s Phil Haack?”.  Well here’s my starter for ten of essential community reading, listening and watching.

.NET Rocks - The original (seriously) audio talk show for .NET developers.
Hanselminutes - Scott Hanselman as below.  Produced by Carl Franklin who also hosts .NET Rocks.
This Developers Life - A simply excellent perspective on the experiences and stories of real developers.

Blog Roll
Scott Hanselman - Microsoft Community Manager (I think) who’s a great speaker and has a.
Phil Haack - Program Manager on the ASP.NET MVC team.
Ayende Rahien - The man when it comes to OSS frameworks on the .NET stack (NHibernate, EFProfiler, RavenDB)
Willy-Peter Schaub - Team Foundation Server Ranger

Community Websites
www.stackoverflow.com - Technical Q and A forum done properly.

Online Video Training
TekPub (Paid)- Slightly different style of video training.  Their pair programmed jQuery series is simple superb.
Pluralsight (Paid)- Been with these for a number of years now.  Awesome and now very extensive Microsoft training library.
Channel 9 - Video training side of MSDN.  Quality has increased immensely over the last 18 months.
DNRTV - Excellent series by Carl Franklin who brings us .NET Rocks.

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More to come…